Jordan's Shipping Rates

Jordan's Vinyl Garage is pleased to offer new, lower shipping rates within Canada & US based on pre-tax cart value.

Shipping Rates (in CAD)

Cart Total = $50.00 - $99.99                   Shipping = $9.99

Cart Total = $100.00 - $149.99               Shipping = $7.50

Cart Total = $150.00 - $199.                   Shipping = $4.99

Cart Total = $200 and up                        Shipping = Free

Hidden Special Feature - "Buy Now, Ship Later"

This hidden option allows you to purchase the records you desire right away, without having to pay for shipping each time you place an order. 


-Customers can accumulate orders for up to 3 months

-Orders will be shipped out automatically once the total outstanding (pre-tax) cart total reaches $200

-At the request of customers, orders can be shipped out before the $200 mark, however, the customer will be invoiced for the difference in shipping costs (using the above shipping rates).

How to Use this Feature

Step 1: Simply type in the following discount code: "buynowshiplater"

Example of "Buy Now, Ship Later"

Let's say a customer requests to ship out their two "Buy Now, Ship Later orders, with a cumulative pre-tax total of $165 CAD. In this situation, the additional amount invoiced for shipping will be $4.99. If in another scenario, the pre-tax total were to be $215 CAD, shipping would be free.

This method essentially allows customers to cumulate their orders rather than pay for shipping each time. If you have any questions about this shipping method, or any other general shipping questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to