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Rush-Hemispheres LP

Rush-Hemispheres LP

(Anthem ANR-1-1014 Canada Gatefold)
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Track Listing
Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres
  -Apollo (Bringer Of Wisdom)
  -Dionysus (Bringer Of Love)
  -Armageddon (The Battle Of Heart And Mind)
  -Cygnus (Bringer Of Balance)
  -The Sphere (A Kind Of Dream)
The Trees
La Villa Strangiato
  -Buenos Nochas, Mein Froinds!
  -To Sleep, Perchance To Dream...
  -Strangiato Theme
  -A Lerxst In Wonderland
  -The Ghost Of The Aragon
  -Danforth And Pape
  -The Waltz Of The Shreves
  -Never Turn Your Back On A Monster
  -Monsters! (Reprise)
  -Strangiato Theme (Reprise)
  -A Farewell To Things